Asian BDSM Webcam and Instant Messenger Domination with the World's Most Famous Asian Dominatrix

When you are the world's most famous asian dominatrix, you get sluts and slaves from all around the world doing everything they can to get a moment of your time so for them I am making myself available for limited periods of time for webcam and instant messaging domination and submission sessions. In talking with these whores, they tell me there are not any Asian dominatrixes in the community which I already know as there are only a handful of kinky asian dommes around the globe. We are the rarest members of the BDSM community and I literally get hundreds of emails a day from slaves so I may not be able to reply right away and it may take a day or two for me to respond but eventually you will get an audience in front of me and possibly a few of my domme friends should they be with me during our session. Don't let this scare you off as you will be the focus of our attention and trust me, me and my friends can't enough of humiliating men around the world.

Many of you ask if I record or take photos of our session and I do not unless this is a kinky fantasy of yours in which I will love to watch our session over and over again and maybe I might just tease you by sending you a few pics of our time together to give you a little excitement during your boring day.

Please note that I will not session with you unless you have already sent me money through Western Union. Unfortunately, there are far too many men out there who think they can give me a MTCN number and then cancel the transfer after the session and before I collect the money. The choice of Western Union is based on my me effort to protect the privacy of those who want to session with me and prefer not to have their address and personal details on a server that could be vulnerable to a hacker or others who expose this information to the public. Also, in selecting Western Union my slaves do not have to worry about receiving emails or having someone else see a credit card charge that creates an issue at the office or in the home. Our sessions will be unlike anything you have ever experienced and may be the most liberating experience in your life as I love it kinky and dirty and I may be the only hot and sexy asian girl you ever have a chance to explore this side with during your lifetime.



Webcam Domination

My Skype domination sessions are the are more addicting than the most powerful drug. I have literally had slaves schedule sessions with me everyday while having to send me their weekly paycheck because they can't get enough of me. During my webcam sessions, I am able to quickly get into your head and open up your darkest desires and not only will we explore them, but we will also push them farther then you ever thought possible. You'll be getting naked in front of me and willing to do anything I ever want because if you bore me, I'll kick you to the curb.


Webcam Domination

$ 10



Yahoo Instant Messenger Domination

My mind is a dirty place and you'll be shocked at how kinky this hot sexy asian girl can be online. So regardless when in the world you live, you will have access to the most perverted domme in the world and your life will never be the same. In submitting to me, you will get the release you desperately need while exploring that dark side that you can't share with anyone else. In exploring the side of you that you have always wanted but never could, you'll be a happier and more productive person as after you end your session with me you can go back to your vanilla life but don't be surprised if you decide to take this to the next level by being my real time slave.


Instant Messenger Domination

$ 3