Fulfill Your Fantasy: Commit Your Skills To Building My Empire

Imagine having a hot, kinky asian dominatrix for a boss. Well, now you can make your dreams come true as I am looking for exceptionally talented slaves from around the world to serve me. As a cruel sadist, I will work you hard and offer you no pay but you'll love every minute as you will have frequent communication with the world's most famous asian dominatrix, a privilege only a few men from around the world will ever have the honor of enjoying. Instead of a boring paycheck, you will join my stable and be a part of building the wildest BDSM empire in the world today. Life will never be boring and you'll be doing something that you likely love and depending on your performance, you will get my attention and recognition in ways you never thought possible.

In building my empire, I am looking for those who possess an incredibly high level of technical talent so that I can increase my presence around the world. Like you, there are other perverts around the world and it's important that they do something with their time… Serve me!

So what am I looking for in the pursuits to strengthen my BDSM empire?

Accomplished Web Designers

Much of my BDSM empire is built on a strong internet presence so I need to build more websites around the world. You role will be to purchase both the domains and web hosting plans, while taking instruction from me regarding content. The sites will need to be of exceptional quality and be based on Word Press. I am not interested in those offering to build content through free blogging platforms as I have a very clear vision of what I am looking for and everything needs to be based on my desires, after all, I'm a dominatrix, lol.

In considering potential web designers, I will need to know other sites that you have worked on so that I can review their appearance and quality. Also, please share with me what technical skills that you possess. The individuals that qualify for this role have a great deal of interaction with me so consider yourself lucky. You certainly do not need to based in Manila as my empire spans the globe and I am always agreeable to those from other countries who meet my criteria and can make ever more powerful!

Camera Person

I need a dedicated camera person to film my video content. This person needs to have a very high-end camera plus plus professional filming experience. Similar to the web design position, I need to review your work to make sure its a good reflection on me. Obviously, must be open minded and preferably involved in the kink scene or at least kink aware.

Video Editors

Must be experienced in either Adobe Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro. Must be available to edit video into 5 and 10 minute clips and you should be available to offer quick follow-up. All clips must be watermarked so it must be a skill that you have used before in film editing.

Video Slaves

I am constantly developing video content that will be available through a variety of different sites. For this role, I will require you to sign a model release while also providing me two forms of government ID so that everything is done properly. This is the “role” of a lifetime as you'll get a chance to play with me and my friends on a regular basis. As a famous dominatrix, I'll help make you famous in my own special way and through me, you will have a chance to explore all your submissive desires.

Errand Boy

Due to my extremely demanding schedule, I simply do not have enough time to get everything done on my daily schedule so I need a dedicated errand boy. I will send you an email once a week that will outline everything that needs to be done and you may complete these tasks during your free time during the week. Things I need done are the following: laundry, grocery shopping, ironing of my clothes, packing suitcases for my trips, or other assorted things that come up.

Driver in Manila

I need a personal driver in Manila who can be available on short notice. I may need you to drive me to the airport or my friends and I to various places in Manila. Must own your vehicle and reside close to Makati.