Asian BDSM Vacation: An Erotic Experience Unmatched Anywhere in the World

The BDSM vacations that I organize are simply the most kinky and mind-blowing experiences in the world today as the moment you exit the airport gates, you will transported out of the vanilla world and into the dark world of asian BDSM slavery. The dommes you meet are not playing a role and during the time you are with us you will never be considered our equal, just a plaything for us to use, abuse and finally throw you away on the day that you leave. There will be no rules or schedules as this is the real thing and you will never forget it as long as you live and like many slaves, you will beg us to accept you as our property. The vanilla world will no longer be interesting to you and we will completely transform you into whatever we want during your BDSM vacation. So if you have ever imagined would being bound and naked and at the mercy of dominant kinky asian women would be like, this is now your chance to experience the real thing.


Your Kinky Fetishes and Fantasies Await You During Your BDSM Vacation

Come to Manila and experience three days of vacation domination and experience the hottest Asian BDSM in the world. Get on your knees and serve me and my dominant asian friends and check off another thing from your bucket list.

When you arrive in Manila, me and my dominant friends will greet you and pick you up at the airport and for the following three days all your lodging and food will be covered and you will enjoy a variety of activities such as outings, public humiliation, dungeon parties and training time with just me and kinky asian friends.

Don't worry, you'll sleep well as we will keep you in a cage or in chains next to my bed!

Contact me for additional details.


Your Perverted Holiday Includes:


Domina Fire Solo Pain & Pleasure Package

Domina Fire will create a personal vacation package for you where you will be personal plaything for three days. During this time, you will be broken and molded and returned to the airport or hotel having experienced the most erotic and BDSM experience anyone has ever had with a dominatrix. So before you kneel before her, leave all of your inhibitions beyond and you will be liberated!


Pain & Pleasure Package

$ 1,500



The Dangerous Duo Tour

Me and one of my twisted companions will tag-team you in more ways than one and will have you begging for submission. Although many men may have dreamed of having a ménage à trois, you can forget about having sex with us as we will make you our bitch and show you who is in control. This will be an experience your friends will never believe as this is unlike any vacation package you have ever taken before.


Dangerous Duo Tour

$ 2,500



Triple Play Tour

When you enter the room to find three dominant asian dommes looking to dominate you, will be ready for us? We will totally overpower you and there will nothing you can do to deny us as we work together well and know exactly how to break slaves. Be careful what you ask for as this is for serious players and we will all make sure we get what we want.


Triple Play Tour

$ 3,200



Gang Bang Tour

When you ask for a gang of perverted asian women to dominate you, expect to be gang banged! This is the ultimate BDSM experience and although we will leave you totally broken, it will be so much fun, we promise! This is for those wanting to become owned property and a trial to see worthy you are worthy to be part of my slave stable. If you get a passing grade from all of my domme friends, you may find yourself part of my poly home in Manila.


Gang Bang Tour

$ 4,000