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The rarest type of women in the world are lifestyle Asian dominatrixes. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term "lifestyle", it means that I am someone who is genuinely dominant and kinky and I can assure you my mind is even more perverted than yours!

Additionally, there are currently only a few professional Asian Dommes in the world and this means my time is in great demand by slaves not just in the Philippines but in every corner of the globe. Therefore, I am very selective in choosing which slaves I offer appointments to on a daily basis. Those that are polite, brief and specific regarding appointment times and dates will receive my attention.






Domina Fire


Q: I have been to a dominatrix before, what can I expect in a session?

A: As a submissive, you need to be aware that the session will be based on MY interesta and what amuses ME. There is absolutely no sex of any kind in my sessions as this is about BDSM, If you are looking for sex, go visit a prostitute.

Q: Although I have fantasized about seeing a dominatrix, I am nervous about sessioning so would it be OK if I spoke to you before visiting and booking an appointment?

A: Absolutely! I often schedule Skype sessions with those who are first-timers or those just nervous about meeting me so that we can be more comfortable with one another. However, as a world famous dominatrix my time is very limited and you need to book a paid Skype consultation session.

Skype Sessions

Our Skype sessions allow you to let your mind go wild by sharing with me your dirty and darkest desires from the comfort of your own home. Many of my subs consider themselves exhibitionist and love the idea of “performing” for me on cam. Sometimes, I even invite my friends over to watch my slave amuse and entertain us.

Yahoo Instant Messenger

Some slaves enjoy chatting with a dominant woman who is even more perverted and kinky than they are! It's a great release to simply share with me your dark desires and I'm the woman who is definitely full of surprises as my dirty and raunchy mind is always at work and what you read during our sessions will shock you!

Video Membership

Unlike traditional sites where you have access to a bunch of old clips that have been sitting around forever and the person in the videos no longer looks like the person in the clips, my members will have access to new content every month and very soon I will be offering live interactive sessions where you can watch me with a slave in real time.


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