Financial Domination and Submission, Become A Valuable Part of My Slave Stable

Every week I have slaves from around the world sending me money and these slaves are the ones I have the most committed relationships to as they are actively involved in honoring me every month in ways that allows me to build and create the most erotic BDSM empire. Most of my slaves tell me that their lives are rather boring and I am the one aspect of their life that is exciting, thrilling and sexy. They will never be winners or successful with women yet in being my money slave they can say the have a very intimate and committed relationship with the most famous and kinky dominatrix the world has ever known. Serving as my money slave is their single greatest accomplishment and they happily send me their weekly paychecks and life savings and I love it as it makes me wet every time I see their money fill my bank account. I also view these slaves as the most genuine and sincere so I spend more time with them as they are the most submissive.

The first time a slave contacted me indicating that he wanted me to drain him financially I told him he that we had to meet in person and that afterwards we would visit a local branch of HSBC for me to become a joint account holder. In sitting in the branch manager's office that day I could see a big wet spot on my slave's pants where he had cummed through his underwear and where it had made a stain. Once it was official that I could control his bank account, I did a bank transfer to my account for almost 500,000 philippine pesos and I told my slave I had a special day organized for him. Upon exiting the bank, we took a taxi service to a five-star hotel in Makati and I registered for a single room and I picked-up a suitcase that I had checked-in with the concierge earlier in the day (I always put a lock on my bags as they are always interesting,lol). Although I never said anything to the slave, I am sure he thought we were going to share the same bed. As we got in the room, my slave asked permission to use the bathroom and while he was in there, I called a bull that I allow to service me sexually and told him to meet us downstairs in the lobby in an hour.

The slave was surprised when he saw someone waiting for me and I told him to only speak when I ask him a question. Meanwhile, my bull and I hugged and kissed as we said "hello" to one another and my slave stood to the side like he was invisible. After we all got outside, I took out a white t-shirt that said "slave" and I also had him put on a dog collar. He was informed to walk behind us and our first stop was a shoe store. The sales people in the store were a little uncomfortable when they saw a foreigner walking in behind us with a "slave" t-shirt on and I told them he was my servant. They all laughed so I had my slave get get on his hands and knees and kiss the feet of both me and my bull while calling me his "queen" and telling me it was his honor to serve us. The sales people were shocked and could only laugh as you could tell they did not know what to say.

I had some shoes in mind that I had seen on an earlier visit to the store so I asked for them in my size. I then told my bull to pick out anything he wanted and not to worry about the price as my slave would be paying for anything we wanted. The sales person went to the back and on their return I told them to relax as my slave would be putting them on our feet. My slave started by getting down and his hands and knees and putting them on feet. Since it was a Saturday, there were alot of people in the store and they started taking pictures and videos with their cell phones. I was loving every moment of it and I was feeling such a rush.

My bull and I both choose a pair of shoes that we really liked and when we reached the cashier, I snapped my fingers for my slave to get out his credit card and pay the bill. The girl at the counter was really innocent and she hurried as fast as she could without saying a word as I could tell it was all to much for her. After the bill was paid, my bull and I waited for my slave to get the door for us and we gave him our bags to carry. Again, he walked behind us while I grabbed my bull's hand to really humiliate him.

At this point, my bull and I were hungry and we decided to visit one of my favorite bars that also serves food. It's run by a friend of mine and it's a popular place among the gay community. In addition to the food being good, one of the reasons I go there is that I can do things with my slaves there that I could not do anywhere else in Manila. As we sat down, I instructed my slave how to properly sit like a dog at the side of the table. I told him to get down on his knees and to make his hands into fists and touch his ass to the back of his feet. Now he looked like a proper dog and my bull and I started to order some drinks and appetizers. I didn't order anything for my slave as I told him he could have any of our leftovers. While we were eating, the owner came over with a pink plastic dog bowl that he I have used with other slaves in the past. He put it on the floor and told his staff to scrape any food remaining on the plate into the bowl as he didn't want any food to go to waste. Since my friend allows me take slaves here, I always give him a thousand pesos for the food he gives my slaves so it works out really well for him as it is always food he was going to throw out anyway. During lunch, I ask a few people if they want to walk my dog and it becomes a big thing and they whole bar gets involved in while we are there. Just like the shoe store, everyone is taking pictures and videos with there cell phones, lol.

After several glasses of wine and hours of debauchery at the bar, my bull and I decided to go back to the hotel for him to service me sexually. Since I only stay in five-star hotels and I enjoy going back to the same one usually all the time, I tell my slave to give me back his "slave" t-shirt and dog collar before we get into the hotel. I gave my bull a room card and tell him to let us go up first so that we don't attract any attention in the lobby. As I walk in, I make sure to pick-up my special suitcase from the concierge. lol. The funny thing is, the hotel general manager is a slave of mine but I don't want to risk getting him in trouble as he is a good money slave who deposits money into my bank account every week.

Once in the room, I got into some lingerie and told my slave to get ready by getting naked. I then opened up my special suitcase and got some things that I needed for my slave before my bull came to the room. I told my sub that when it comes to sex, he is neither a man or a woman, he's a slut and its really important that he is dressed like one so he was going to undergo a whore makeover. First thing I did was apply some slutty green lipstick (In dressing up sluts, I always go "over the top" as its no fun dressing them like a vanilla woman. The look has to scream "cheap whore", lol). and I asked him lick his lips like a back alley whore desperate for money. Then we moved to the eyes with black eyeliner with bright blue eyeshadow which I had to show off to a ladyboy mistress by calling her Skype and letting her see my creation. Luckily for me, she was with some of her friends and they all said my slut looked perfect for the streets.

So now that I knew the makeup was right, I had to get my tramp dressed the part. I have a bright pig wig that I put on him and then I got out a gold pvc miniskirt that has a stretchable waist so it fits all my sluts. I told him many whores before him have worn it and sucked many cocks and swallowed lots of cum so its really filthy. Then I gave him some ripped fishnet stockings and picked out a pair of high heels that would fit him (the great thing about being friends with sissies is that I always know how to get shoes for my man-whores and I carry various sizes with me in my suitcase.) The high heels I chose for him were ones that I had made for me in Thailand. They had a 5′ inch heel and clear plastic bottoms and I saw lots of prostitutes in the red light district wearing them so they inspired me, lol. Finally, I just wrote the words whore and cum dumpster over my whores body with black lipstick.

Now that my whore was ready, I called my bull to come up to the room. When my bull knocked on the door, I had my slut greet him at the door. My slut was told to say, "you are a real man, may I watch how a real man pleasures a woman" and I snapped my fingers and my slut opened his mouth. I told my bull to spit in his mouth as he my slave was going to taste all of his bodily fluids today while not having any sex. My bull indicated that he had to use the bathroom as he had alot of alcohol at the bar and needed to piss. I laughed and said I wanted my slave to drink his golden champagne and we all went to the bathroom together. I took my cell phone with me as I thought it would make for a greet video to keep and my slave was instructed to go into the shower. Since my whore's mouth was defiled in the bar by a few guys who took her into the bathroom and cummed in her mouth, I did not want my bull to stick his dick in my slaves mouth. Instead, he pissed into a plastic cup kept in the bathroom and poured it all into my slut's mouth. I told my slave to not miss a drop so he used his tongue to get all the golden champagne that had missed his mouth. After drinking it all up, I had him take a kleenex and dry off my bull's erect cock before putting a condom on him. While he was getting the condom, I verbally humiliated my slave by telling him he has never seen a cock like that before but from now on he was going to see lots of them as he was going to be working for me. I then had him ask my bull questions like, "what's it like to be able to pleasure a woman with a real cock?" and "Could I have the honor of drinking a real man's cum after you are done?". So now that he had gotten the condom on, it was time for me to be pleasured but I had to make sure my slave was kept in his place so I put a clitty cage on him so his worthless cock could not work anymore.

My bull and I then went over to the bed and we passionately kissed and we were both moaning with pleasure while my slave sat on his knees on the floor at the foot of the bed watching. I love my nipples sucked and kissed so I snapped my fingers for my bull to move to my breasts. I was looking seductively at my slave and asking him, "wouldn't you just love to be with someone like me?". He said meekly, "yes mistress" and I told him not to worry because he was going to love his new sex life. My bull then began to orally service my pussy while he was lying on his back on I started to grind down over his mouth. This went on for about ten minutes and I was facing my whore and he just sat there helpless. I asked how his little clitty was feeling and if it was as wet as mine as I was starting to get really wet at this point and I wanted to get fucked hard.

I love it doggy style and my bull was more than ready and his hard cock entered my moist pussy and I could feel how strong he was as he grabbed my waist. He was really aggressive and he started pulling my hair and being really dominant with me. His cock was like a sledgehammer and it filled every part of my pussy. I wanted to cum at the same time and he knew I was close as I was moaning louder and louder (thank goodness I had gotten a room away from the other guests). At this point, his cock was throbbing and he was telling me how much he loved being my bull while he was slapping my ass. Suddenly, we both orgasmed and I could tell his condom was filled was warm cum.

While I was having this incredible sex, I had completely forgotten about my little slut. I told him I was not not selfish and that I had a special gift for him but he had to get down on his hands and knees and beg first. He was dressed up like such a good whore and I could see how desperate he was so I had my bull take off his condom and I poured all the cum into my slave's mouth. He had really impressed me today as I knew he had performed well at the bar and now with my bull as he was swallowing every little drop. He was totally committed to me as he had surrendered his mind, body and money all to me in one day. This is why I love being a domme!





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Blackmail Fantasy: Full Time Fetish Thrills, Let's Play!

For those looking for the ultimate rush, consider contacting me about blackmail fantasy play. What makes it so intense and exciting? Unlike other forms of play where the fun ends after our session, blackmail fantasy play is an around the clock thrill ride and I will be the one in charge. Those that choose to walk down this path will always have unexpected twists and turns to deal on a daily basis. Maybe I will choose the middle of the night to send you those shocking pictures of you by email or perhaps it will be just before I big meeting at the office. With this form of play, there are no scripts and no other BDSM experience will ever compare to it as everything in your life will be vulnerable.

This is not a game to play with me unless you are really serious and up for the excitement as I know what I am doing and before we begin, I will have you book a Skype session with me where my little camera will be taking all kinds of pictures of you. In showing me what a pervert you, I can make sure you never disobey me and this is when the fun really begins. In the beginning, you will be a pervert for sure but after I am done with you will have done just about anything my dirty mind has ever wanted to see and you'll likely be a permanent part of my slave stable. Why is that…because when I am done with you will realize how low you have sunk and will only want more.

Since I know, many slaves fantasize about this type of play yet very few actually have the balls to commit to it, I require a deposit that will also cover a thirty minute Skype Session. After this, I will then confirm all the contact information contained within your application. Once I know you are serious, then the games will begin and it will be a thrilling erotic adventure that I promise will be the most intense experience of you life. One thing you should know up front is that I will need contact information that will allow me to contact employers, family members and friends in my effort to fully break you. Should you fail to perform as expected, I will need to organize an intervention with all those parties to show them what a pervert is so that we can "help" you.


Blackmail Fantasy Play Application

In clicking for me to send me to send you my fantasy blackmail application, you are one step closer to your possible self destruction but it feels so hot doesn’t it. Out of all the women in the world, I will be the only one who truly knows what a dirty pervert you are and its your job to keep me happy or else I will have to schedule an intervention with everyone that is close to you. After all, how can they help you unless the know all of you dirty secrets and they should be thanking me. I was the one to really bring it out of you but it was always there, wasn’t it. Unfortunately, when these interventions occur, usually wifes and girlfriends are not too happy because they know I’m the one you crave and desire. Are you ready?


Blackmail Fantasy Application

$ 200