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At Domina Fire's Legendary BDSM Parties

Many people organize what they call "BDSM" parties and once you get there it's nothing more than a boring costume party where the wildest and kinkiest thing that happens is someone gets a spanking. At my legendary BDSM parties, there is no question you have entered a party where anything can happen and usually does. Imagine, walking into a room filled with the hottest asian women you have ever seen who are all serious no nonsense lifestyle players. Don't worry, they'll let you know the moment you arrive that they mean business and that you're there to service them. If you think you get to tell them what to do next, you've come to the wrong party as this is gathering for those who understand and embrace their submissive nature.

These parties are not for everyone as those thinking their party fee entitles them to have things their way will be not only disappointed, they will quickly be dismissed by one of the asian women-in-charge. This is what makes these parties famous not only in Asia but around the world. Need some reassurance? Well, simply check out the 2,000,000 people who are both followers and visitors to my Google+ profiles. As the most famous and kinkiest mistress in the world, my followers span the world and once you take the plunge and attend one of my parties, you'll never be same again and your addiction to me will take over your body and mind.

One of the many things that make my parties so spectacular and mind-blowing is that the other dommes in attendance are serious lifestyle players with years of experience who will not only know more than you, but their mind is far more raunchy and kinky than yours. As a result, you will not push their limits, they will motivate you to break yours to do anything that makes them laugh and smile. As I have told many slaves before, “I am the girl your mother warned you about” and my dominant asian friends are the same way. We all have one think in common, we love to break men and have them serve us in any way our imagination can think up.

In terms of the number of people that we allow to attend, it's keep to a very small number and not everyone who requests attendance is accepted. Those that contact us with a desired list of activities or requests get denied and so do those that think BDSM involves us having sex with them, although you may be persuaded to do various activities with other submissives in attendance, lol.

As a general rule, we do not have any more than ten slaves in attendance at any of our parties at one time and there is always at least five hot asian dominants present for all the kinky fun. In being the most successful BDSM hostess in the world, I have learned that the quality of party guests is far more important than quantity as one bad guest or host can ruin everyone's good time. It is also important to share with the kink community that we have far more slaves begging to come than we are able to host, so if at anytime someone is affecting the quality of the evening, they will be asked to leave.

Although I am world famous, you may not know some of my kinky asian friends and I only invite those who have been active in area munches and are genuine and devoted BDSM players. My parties are known to be the best because my standards are so much higher than anyone else's. The only time I would ever invite inexperienced dommes to a party is when I want to have a bunch of vanilla women serve as an audience to some kinky scene being played out which is a thrill that you will never forget (Imagine being asked to do something humiliating and there are a room of hot asian women sitting down and all their eyes are on you!).


BDSM Party Rule: Expect the Unexpected!

My brand of king BDSM fun is based on spontaneity and chemistry. I never believe in having a scripted party and that's one of the reasons literally slaves fly from around the world to attend one of my parties. As someone with years of experience, a certain look in your eye may suddenly inspire me to take the party in a certain direction for you and others. However, I am not alone and my dominant friends are always looking at body language or certain ways you may look at them and that may lead to one or all of us to suddenly focus on you while the other party guests watch in amazement at what happens next. In previous parties, a slutty look from a submssive may catch the eye of one of my friends and that could result in them whispering in my ear and the next thing you know you are the center of attention. In other cases, we may have discovered that some slaves need public humiliation and I wind up ordering up a car service for all us and we go somewhere without me telling you anything and we arrive at a party and you walk into a room full of women who get to see my and my other domme friends order you to do all sorts of unspeakable acts. Of course they may want pics or videos but I always brings masks to keep your identity hidden from others. I may also hold a submissive talent show in front of my friends where we all get to vote and the winner gets a showered in our special champaign. So if you are looking for me to tell you what to expect, I can't tell you that as nether my friends or I have any idea. Not sure is this is what you want? Don't worry as we don't want your money we want your submission and there are always going to people to take your place.


Be Careful of Fake BDSM Parties, Scams and "Cheap" Parties

In traveling the world, I have seen all kinds of BDSM parties advertised that sound like an amazing night of affordable thrills. However, as many slaves find out, the parties are nothing more than an attempt to cheat BDSM minded individuals. One of the more common scams is to make a party sound like the greatest bargain of kinky fun by advertising a cheap party entrance fee. Then once you get there, the dommes in attendance charge for playtime and want tips and make the evening nothing more than a "money grab". At the end of the night, you discover you've spent more than you ever imagined. These scams are often advertised on Backpage, Craigslist or any other similar free positing site. Also, as any experienced BDSM player knows, these sites are not geared towards serious BDSM players so you are likely attending an event with women who are desperate for money.

At my events, slaves get to play for four hours for one fee and there is no standing around waiting for something to happen as this is not a cocktail party where people stand around the punch bowl saying "hello". This is a fully immersive party where all guests and dommes are constantly active so unlike a munch, this is not a get together to talk, this is all about play. My promise to anyone considering coming to one of my parties, is that at the end of the night you will have spent a night that nothing else could ever match in terms of erotic and kinky excitement.


The Lucky Few Who Get Admitted Into Kink Paradise

If you have traveled around the world and been to some of the most exciting cities, you know that there are clubs that everyone wants to get into and they have long lines of people waiting to get in. What makes these clubs so special? Simple, they are selective and only the most attractive and well dressed people are allowed access inside. That's exactly how I run my parties as I have a waiting list and I can afford to be selective.

As with anything in life, not everyone can afford to attend one of our parties and this is intentional as we have high standards and we don't cater to those who are looking for a great deal, we cater to those looking for a great experience. All of my dominant asian friends are college graduates who are well traveled with professional careers who just happen to be perverts and need an outlet for their desires. Once you come to our party, you'll see the benefits of coming to an BDSM event that screens out the undesirables.


Night of Dark Desires Party

Embrace your dark side and spend four hours with me and at least three of my dominant asian friends for a night of perversion, kink and debauchery. Whether you have been to one of my parties or not, not two parties are ever the same and you'll quickly find out that I am unpredictable. The evening may begin in a luxurious hotel suite and end up anywhere dark, dirty and sinful in Manila, lol. I am also a HUGE fan of parading my slaves in front of my vanilla friends for an unforgettable night of public humiliation. Are you ready for us!


Night of Dark Desires Party

$ 200



Every Friday is Foot Fetish Friday!

One of the most popular fetishes today is foot fetish. Slaves are constantly demanding foot fetish parties…and I really mean it when I say they are demanding it. For these particular foot sluts, the smell and look of my feet is like an addictive drug that they need at all hours of the night and they are constantly looking for me to feed their addition. As many of you, I was formerly a nurse so what I love about foot fetish is that it's like a gateway drug in the respect that people typically start BDSM with a foot fetish and before long they are sucking dicks on command for me, lol. So in order to bring in more hook more slaves and to give what my foot addicts want, I hold a foot fetish party every Friday.

Me along with three of my kinky asian friends will be hosting the event and you'll have lots of feet to admire and pamper. These parties are restricted to four slaves as we like to have a one to one ratio so everyone has a set of feet to worship. This is also a great first introduction to BDSM while not breaking the bank. If you have ever dreamed of serving me but can't afford a standard session, this is the perfect chance to meet me and my friends.


Foot Fetish Friday Party

This is a really special event as you will not only be meeting me, but three of my dominant asian friends. These parties have become famous as there is one domme for every slave in attendance and you will get a chance to worship all of our feet by the end of the night. So if you have never wanted to meet me or one of my friends, this a great way to do it and we will all be in the same place at the same time. Book early as we often get booked up two weeks in advance as there are only four slots every week. Those that pay early get a confirmed spot.


Foot Fetish Friday

$ 60