The Hottest Asian BDSM Clips on the Internet

I produce the most popular and most perverted Asian BDSM videos for my worldwide audience. My videos allow slaves from around the world to enjoy hearing my voice, seeing my glorious body dressed in the hottest fetish clothing while dominating slaves from my personal stable. It will be obvious from watching my clips that I absolutely love what I do and dominating men is in my DNA.

In making my videos, I understand my slaves love looks of verbal communication and humiliation so you will never so a clip where I am quiet for long periods of time. The people I have in my clips are hand picked and I love to play with them and I take my training of them very seriously. You will see immediately that those that serve me don’t have no in their vocabulary and many of them have traveled from around the world to live full-time in Manila to serve me around the clock.

I also feel its important to develop kinky content that my slaves want enjoy so everything I produce is based on the email, conversations and most requested sessions I have over the many years that I have been a dominatrix. So if you don’t see something, don’t worry as I will likely be offering a clip that fits exactly what you are looking for as I am constantly filming sessions so be patient as there is a world of perverts out there that want to see me and I only have so much time in the day.

In addition to my filmed clips, I do offer custom clips and there are one of the most common reasons people contact me on a daily basis. Custom clips are personalized to you’re desires yet I do not accept every film proposal, in fact consider yourself lucky if I decide to produce a custom clip for you.



A BDSM Film Studio That Protects Your Privacy

Slaves from around the world have contacted me asking is there an alternative to purchasing my kinky clips online as they don’t want their credit card and personal details residing on a server where at anytime their information could be released through the acts of a hacker or other measure that violate their privacy. They have also expressed concerns that others could become aware of their purchases through credit card statements or emails that often get sent out as a result of buying an adult video clip online. What many adults don’t realize is that a purchase often enrolls them for marketing emails that get sent out at anytime. You wouldn’t believe how many slaves have told me they were with co-workers or their boss when a adult video email arrived in their inbox that they were not expecting.

In my effort to build the best fetish video company in the world, I am now using Western Union as a way of offering slaves the highest level of privacy. This insures that your information is not residing on any server and your credit card details are never shared with me. Although Western Union is not perfect, its the best available alternative and I am always open to suggestions from my fans from around the world. Regardless of which method is utilized to purchase my clips, payment is always required up front and clips are sent out upon my pick-up of your payment. As a well-known dominatrix, I always insure submissives receive the clips they request. In fostering good relationships with my sluts and slaves, please understand that I have am unable to send out clips until I do collect the funds as unfortunately there are far too many dishonest people who receive a clip and cancel their money transfer before I collect so I have had to change my video order policy.





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Domina Fire Video Clips

My video clips are recorded with my private stable of slaves who are shameless sluts and submissives who will literally do anything I want them to do at the snap of my fingers. As hot as the action is in my clips, you’ll love hearing my sexy voice as I order and dominate my slaves. Long after you see my clip you will be hearing my voice in your head as you’ll quickly become addicted to me.


Domina Fire Video Clip

$ 20



Individual Custom Clips

These clips are for those that have certain fetishes or a script that they would like me act on for video just for you. These are clips that you can keep forever and will be a kinky addition to your hard drive as you masturbate and dream of the unattainable asian domme of yours dream. These are really popular for those that have a foot fetish or maybe blackmail fantasies. You can also request a particular fetish outfit for me to wear during your personal clip.


Individual Custom Clip

$ 6



Custom Video Clips with Slave

If you have a specific scenario that you would like to see, contact me and I will discuss with you my ability to create a custom video based on your fetishes and interests. I get requests from all over the world and it usually takes two weeks to coordinate the film schedule. I am very selective regarding what film projects that I am willing to accept and my time is extremely limited. Clips have to be a mininum of eight minutes.


Custom Video Clip with Slave

$ 10