The Exotic Dominant TS Linzi






Who Is TS Dominatrix Linzi

You look at me and see a gorgeous hot sexy Asian woman yet I have something special and it’s something you have been needing for a long time. It also makes me the most desirable person you will ever meet and a session with me will change your life forever. You’ll give up on "regular" women and become addicted to my special brand of domination.

As a TS Dominatrix, I know exactly how men think and I know how to use it against them to get what I want. The fact that you have reached out to me tells me you’re a kinky little bitchboi and there is nothing I love more than turning a straight man into my slutty little plaything. I’ll have you dressed in lingerie and in makeup while I take pictures of you and I will lead you further and further into my perverted little world….one that you will never be able to get out of as you’ll be part of my slave stable.

Maybe I’ll even parade you in front of all my hot friends as I show them before and after pictures showing them your transformation. So make me proud and maybe I’ll keep you around!



TS Dominatrix Linzi
The Ultimate Submission

I represent the best parts of both a man and a woman. I have the dirty kinky mind of a man and the fact that I understand you makes me even more dangerous to play with, but my physical body is that of the perfect woman…with a special upgrade thrown in that gives me the ability to train you hard and long, lol.


My Favorite Slave Training Techniques

Foot Worship Slave
As a slave, you are never on the same level as your “Queen” and I love having my slaves on the floor massaging and licking my feet like the dogs that they are, lol. I may even have you lick the bottoms of my shoes as they constantly need to be cleaned from walking in the streets.
Corporal Punishment
Every slave needs to be punished and I will make sure you receive lots of abuse in my pursuit of retraining you to make you the perfect plaything for me. After I leave you bloodied and bruised you will thank me for making your a better person.
I will grab your attention quickly by slapping you and you’ll know immediately I mean business. Domination is not a game to me and my hard slaps will show you I’m not some girl who is masquerading as a dominatrix.
Verbal Humiliation
My words will leave you broken and humiliated and then you’ll be like putty in my hands. In reshaping you as the perfect slave, you will have to learn a new vocabulary as the you will be entering a whole new world!

TS Dominatrix Linzi’s Gallery

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