The Asian Strap-on Superstar and Foot Worship Domme of Manila.

Turning Men Around the World Into Sluts, Perverts and Slaves.

The men who crawl before me on a daily basis literally do anything I ask and all I have to do is snap my fingers and they'll perform like sluts, slaves, sissies or whatever else my dirty mind can think of at any given moment. I have ultimate control over my whores and they travel the world to see me because I am the rarest of women in the BDSM world. As a hot, college educated asian dominatrix who is kinkier than the men who come to serve me, I am like a mythical creature. That is why I have so much power as I can see as many wealthy successful submissives as I want and they know they will never see anyone like me again in their lifetime. The last thing these men ever want to do is displease me because they know there is a lot of competition to see me and if I become bored or disinterested, I will quickly kick them to the curb. In the entire world, there are only a handful of asian dominatrixes and that means most mean will never see one unless they travel thousands of miles.

So now that you that you have found me, don't screw it up so I am going to share with you some keys things you'll need to impress me as I don't need the money and I only session with those that interest me….and trust me, I turn away more sessions than I actually am able to schedule so pay attention slut!

First, I have a select group of bulls whose sole purpose is to pleasure me sexually and those men are very well endowed which means I will never have any interest in you sexually. However, I fully expect the polished professionals who I allow an opportunity to entertain me to be well dressed. I only take sessions with those who are sincere and genuine in their submissive desires and nothing is worse than a sloppy or poorly dressed man showing up to serve me. If someone shows up in sandals, fanny pack, shorts and a wrinkled shirt I will have likely dismiss them as it shows no effort or consideration for me.

Second, never show up thinking that I would be open to renegotiating my tribute. I am a successful woman with a world of opportunities available to me and if I reserve time in my day for you then I expect you to be respectful of that time. The time I spend with you is just a small fraction of the time necessary to provide you the ultimate kink experience. When I am not with you, I am working out , answering emails and calls, shopping for the perfect fetish outfits and toys, preparing myself to meet you and traveling to a place of mutual convenience for the session. That's alot of time, money and energy and intelligent professionals should be able to recognize that as they likely have similar concerns with their profession.

Third, never show up under the influence of alcohol or other substance as I will immediately end our visit and cease communication with you. The individuals who serve me are largely successful executives who are highly intelligent and that appeals to me from a dominant's standpoint as I really enjoy getting into your head and reprogramming you into whatever my perverted desires are at that moment.



A Submissive's Guide To Seeking Out The Perfect Dominatrix

Whether you are visiting a dominatrix for the first time or an addicted slut who lives to serve, the choice of who you explore your dark desires and fetishes with is an important decision. As an experienced and world famous asian dominatrix, I have earned a reputation as a trusted BDSM player who slaves from around the world have traveled the world to see.

If you are seeking a genuine dominatrix, your search should start by doing some research for BDSM related sites or directories. This is a strong sign as to whether the dominatrix you are considering is really experienced and sincerely involved with the lifestyle. It has always been a strong belief of mine that the more active a domme is on BDSM sites, the more enthusiastic they are during the session. From a slave's perspective, nothing is worse than meeting with someone who has no fetish clothing, stays quiet during the session and shows a lack of interest or knowledge about BDSM.

Another key thing to consider before serving a domme is whether she has a dedicated web site. This lets you know whether she has made a serious commitment to the lifestyle, how much experience she has while also validating her skills. As the most famous asian dominatrix in the scene, I dominate the Google search results and I get thousands of visitors to my website every day from slaves from around the world and my Google+ accounts already have over 2,000,000 views which tells you I know what I am doing and people who have served me love every moment of it…and so will you.

Although sessioning with me is definitely not for the cheap or the budget conscious, investing in an appointment with me will absolutely be the erotic highlight of your life. Also, I believe there are two types of people in the world, those that seek out great experiences and those that seek out the cheapest deal. If you are the latter, I would advise you to visit Craigslist or Backpage and find some desperate girl who has no experience, fetish clothing or interest in the BDSM. However, if you have traveled a great distance at significant expense to come to Manila, you owe it yourself to choose an experience that you may not ever have the opportunity to ever experience again.





Steps And Booking Protocol In Scheduling A BDSM Session With Me.

At this point, I have many permanent slaves who I see on a regular basis and they dominate the majority of my schedule so I have very little time available for new submissives. Also, unlike other dommes I do not sit around waiting for sessions as my success allows me to see my regulars consistently which offers me alot of financial freedom and the ability to enjoy time with friends and family. So if you aren't sure about serving me in real time, then I would advise you to schedule an online consultation or session so that you can feel more comfortable. However, I do not have time for back-and-forth emails where you ask me an endless series of questions in an effort to have free interaction with me. I am far too busy and I have absolutely no regret about turning down a session as I already have far more than I am able to handle. So the bottom line is this, if you want to ask alot of questions book an online session. If you already know what you want then book it but know this, I will not spend more than one email discussing your fantasies. Time wasters get blocked as my contact page records ISP addresses so be fair and respectful and I will do the same in scheduling your session.



Domina Fire Real Time Sessions

Real time sessions are based on my interests and desires, however I will take your interests into consideration as I know using your desires is the best way for me to break and mold you into the perfect slave. Tributes are for two hours of time with me yet I am not a clock-watcher and my training of you often last longer if I am really interested in you as a slave.


Real Time Sessions


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